"The smallest sounds can create the biggest stories"

Photo: Olli Sulin, Ferenc Schnellbach

CULTURE CONSULTATION - My experience is available for you!

Jussi Lindroos is also available for innovative consulting and advisory for developmental projects. Whether you represent a company, city, foundation, art association or are a single artist contact Jussi to ask for suitable consulting services that can open new horizons for you or your team.

Jussi is woldwide known for his highly innovative mind, problem solving experience in cross-cultural teams and ability to see new possibilities almost anywhere he walks. As a cosmopolitan artist and producer, who has travelled and performed around Europe and USA, he has gathered experience that can now be used to enhance your activities.

Besides the versatile artist and producer career Jussi holds a Master of Arts degree in Education from respected Turku University. In his studies he has specialized in expertice, creativity and arts education (music and visual arts).

Information and contact
email: jl (a t) jussilindroos. com

--it's different from New York: when I look out of the window I see forest. Nature is really strong in the Finnish culture -- I hear the same jazz tune in New York, in a jazz club, and then I might be listening to the same jazz tune here -- there's a lot of snow, not much people around, the sun is setting--, Jussi Lindroos in Whiteout by Claudia La Rocco, 93.9fm

email: jl (at) jussilindroos. com

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